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Modern Figurative Paintings:
The Paris Connection


Martin Wolpert & Jeffrey Winter

From the late 19th century until World War Two, Paris was the center of the art world. Artists and intellectuals from around the globe descended on Paris, drawn by the atmosphere of creative freedom established by the French Impressionists. Because of the Impressionists’ innovations the direction of art had changed forever, the times were ripe for another Renaissance.

This book produced by Martin Wolpert and Jeffrey Winter has been a labor of love many years in the making. The authors have accumulated biographies and images of paintings of more than one hundred and fifty artists from this period, most of them completely overlooked by scholars and art historians. Paris is the thread that runs through this collection. All of the artists in the book worked, studied and exhibited there between 1890 and 1939. They painted images of the populace at work and at play in bars, jazz clubs and cabarets. They painted portraits, nudes and scenes of their own studios. The book features art that captures the ambiance of the times.

From La Belle Époque, the Postimpressionists, the Cubists and the School of Paris, these men and women with the spirit of modernism in their blood produced a body of work that is extraordinary in the history of art. For the collector this book will be an invaluable tool for understanding the art of this period. By documenting artists who have not been written about for many years, the authors have offered the collector an insight into paintings by accomplished artists which can still be acquired at equitable prices.

Martin Wolpert has been a dealer and collector of fine art for more than thirty years. He worked much of this time with Mike Iorg , his wife and partner. Paris became their second home as they searched the flea markets and galleries, auctions, attics and warehouses on a journey of discovery. It was a passionate journey of acquiring and exhibiting exceptional works of art; mostly by artists with unfamiliar names, artists who in their lifetimes had successful careers, but for a variety of reasons were overlooked by historians.

Jeffrey Winter joined this adventure in 2000. He completed his Bachelors Degree at Swarthmore College after seven years in the U.S. Navy working as a Russian linguist. He eventually settled in Southern California where he met his wife, a painter named Ann Bridges. After becoming associated with Papillon Gallery, Mr. Winter became an integral part of acquiring and exhibiting the works of art; traveling to New York, San Francisco, Paris, Lyon, Brussels, and Budapest and working in every aspect of the process.

Together Wolpert and Winter have used the vast library and archives of Papillon Gallery to compile the information and images for this book.










Yves Alix, Reynold Arnould, Georges Artemoff, André Bauduin, Pierre Baudoin, Pierre Baudouin, Abel Bertram, Jean Bertrand, Robert Berthelin, Boleslas Biegas, Lucien Boulier, Henry Brémond, Jean Berque, Louis Biloul, Jacques-Emile Blanche, Eduard Boss, Lucien Boulier, , Xavier Bricard, Marcelle Cahn, Georges Capon, Jean Castanier, Jacques Chapiro, Paul Charlemagne, Clement-Serveau, Gio Colucci, Léon Comerre, Georges Connan, Luigi Corbellini, Marcel Cosson, Lucien Coutaud, Marcelle Crépy, Jean Crotti, Joseph Csaky, Albert Louis Dapoigny, Colette Debat-Ponsan, Emile Deckers, Raphaël Delorme , Paul-Alex Deschmacker, François Desnoyer , Jean Despujols, Victor-Jean Desmeures, René Deydier, Yves Diey, André Dignimont, Andre Dulaurens, Odette Dumaret, François Eberl, Lucien Rudier Eller, Maurice Ehlinger, Maurice Esmein, Andre Favory, Raymond Feuillate, Pierre Fremont, Georges Filiberti, Gustave Florot, Serge Fotinsky, Emmanuel Fougerat, Elizabeth Fuss-Amore, Georges Gaudion, Roland Marie Gérardin, Madeleine Grenier, Marguerite Ghy-Lemm, Grigory Gluckmann, Édouard Goerg , Léopold Gottlieb, Arthur Greuell, Charles Guerin, R. M. Guillaume, Thorvald Hellesen, Edmond Amedee Heuzé, Jean Baptiste Houel, Louis Icart, Pierre Ino, Marcel Édward Jallot, Josza Jaritz , Georges Joubin, Bela Kádár, Maçao Kono, Etienne Anatole Krier, Charles Kvapil, Charles Laborde, Lea Lafugie, Jean Lambert-Rucki, Zygmunt Landau, Arniando Laclau,Camille Lambert, Jef Leempoels, Pierre Le Faguays, Louis Legrand, Albert Lemasson, Andre Leroux, Auguste Leroux, Lucienne Leroux, Roger Limouse, André Lhote, Buckley Mac-Gurrin, William Malherbe, Jacqueline Marval, Pierre Marcel-Berroneau, Jean Marembert, Maurice Marinot, Maurice-Jean Micha, Monteil, Jacques Moreau-Messy, Jais Nielsen, Manuel Angeles Ortiz, Ferdinand Paillet, Katia Palvadeau, Gen Paul, Elie Anatole Pavil, Charles Pequin, Hélène Perdriat , Georges Pétit, Pauline Peugniez, Charles Picart-Ledoux, Servando Del Pilar, Ludovic Rodolphe Pissarro, Madeleine Plantey, Nicolas Poliakoff, George Popoff, Valentine Prax, René François Xavier Prinet, François Quelvée, Charles Réal, Louis Pierre Rigal, Suzanne Roger, Elizabeth Ronget, Morgan Russell, Francois Rylsky, Louis Berthomme Saint-Andre, Léonard Sarluis, Maurice Savin, Edgar Scauflaire, Hugo Scheiber, Pierre Sicard, Yvonne Sjoëstedt, Albert Alexander Smith, Bernard De Sommyevre, Léopold Survage, Mary Swanzy ,Julien Louis Tavernier, Serge Tchekhonine, Henri Thomas, René Thomsen, Georges Tribout, Laura Turner, Eugene-Paul Ullman, Elemer Vagh Weinmann, Jean-Dominique Van Caulaert, Henri Vanderbeck, Edmond Vandercammen, Marie Vassilieff, Ernest Ventrillon, Jean-Marie Vervisch. Franz Von Montfort, Anna Walinska, Jacques Wolf, Doris Clare Zinkeisen



Our second book is now available.

Artists in the book:

Pierre Abadie-Landel, Jacques Acrement, Georgette Agutte, Ludovic Alleuame, Mabel Alvarez, Victor Arnautoff, Gustave Astoy , Émile Baes, James Peter Barbarite, Louis Jean Beaupuy,, Paul-Émile Bécat , Pierre de Belair, Féderico Beltran-Masses, Jehan Berjonneau, Albert Bertalan, René-Pierre Louis Besserve, Marie-Gabriel Biessy, Charles Bisschops, Roger Bissière, Marcel Bloch, Richard Bloos, Jean de Botton
Robert Bouchet, Abel Dominique Boyé, Henri Georges Bréard, Gaston Bussière, Frédéric Marius de Buzon, Antoine Calbet,
Gaspar Camps,Ben Carré, Boris Chaliapin, Émile Chambon, Jean Chapin, Emilie Charmy, Roland Chavenon, Édouard Chimot, Lev Chistovsky, Edythe Varian Cockroft, Émile Compard, Anna Costenoble, Alfred Courmes, Hermann Courtens, Albert Cresswell, Georges Creten, Claude Dalbanne, Georges Dayez, Susan Daynes-Grassot,
Ludmisla Ferri Decler, Henriette Delalain, Émile-Pierre de la Montagne,
Edmond Delescluze, Herman Delpech, Jean-Pierre Dequene, Lucien Desmare, Raymond Dierickx, Jean-Gabriel Domergue,
Jean Dormont, Raphael Dubois, Jean Dulac, Frank DuMond, Adrien Dupagne, Jean Dupas, Auguste Durand-Rosé, Charles-Auguste Edelmann, Francis de Erdely, Ivan Escribe, Albert Fernand-Renault, Gaston Simoes de Fonseca, Hippolyte Fournier,
Baron Frédéric, Pal Fried, Karoly Fulop, Léon Galand, Richard Geiger, Nanette Genoud, Jacques Geuens, Robert Giron, Simon Glatzer, Nicolas Gloutchenko, Maurice Goossens, Imre Góth, Jean Gouweloos, Lucien-Henri Grandgérard, Marcel Gromaire, Nathan Grunsweigh, Adolfo Guiard y Larrauri, Paul Louis Guilbert, Alice Halicka, Jean Hanau, Gaston Haustrate, Maurice Henri Hensel, René Georges Hermann-Paul , André Hofer, André Louis Maxime Humbert, Léonie Humbert-Vignot, Jean Jannel, Romain Jarosz, Mainie Harriet Jellet, Lucien Hector Jonas, George M. Josimovich, Chrysis Jungbluth, Morris Kantor, Andrée Karpelès, Vital Keuller, Reimond Kimpe, Raphaël Kirchner, Alice Kohn, Richard Kollorsz, Peter Krasnow, Luc Lafnet, Jean Francis Laglenne, Anne-Marie Lagrange, Adolphe La Lyre, Bernard Lamotte, William Julien Émile Édouard Laparra, Edmond Édouard Lapeyre, Jean Laudy, Paul Lecompte, Mercedes Legrand, Pierre Lelong , René Lelong, Edmond Lempereur, Georges Lépine, Axel Linus, Almery Lobel-Riche, DeWitt McClellan Lockman, René Longa, Jean Lurçat, Mariette Lydis,, Marcel-Lenoir, Georges Maresté, Mania Mavro, Mayo, Marie Ménard, Maurice Jean Micha, Maurice Milliere, Alfred Moitroux, Adrien Moreau-Neret , Max Moreau, Mela Muter, Charles Naillod, Warren A. Newcombe, Robert (Ernest) Noir, Carl (Charles) Nys, Jean Oberlé, Otis Oldfield, Philippe Parrot , Albert-Joseph Penot, Robert Phillipe , Louis Picard, Fernand Piet, Edgar Pillet, Marcel Pouget, Gaston Prunier, Marcel Prunier, Jules Rambo, Lucie Ranvier-Chartier, Antoine Marie Raynolt, Alfred Reth, Georges Rochegrosse, Vera Rockline, Georges Rogy, Walter Sauer, Edgar Scauflaire, Lucien-Victor Guirand (Guérand) de Scévola, Hugo Schimmel, Rodolphe Schönberg , William S. Schwartz, Lucien Seevagen, Boris Smirnoff, Henri Sollier, Simeon Solomon, Henri Somm (François Clément Sommier), Elisabeth Sonrel, Jean Souverbie, Frantisek Srp, Nicolas Sternberg, Walter Stiner, Yasushi Tanaka, Maurice Louis Tête, Adrien Thevenot, Léon Tirode, André Tondu, Lucie Tullat, Milivoy Uzelac, Prosper Vagnier, Karel Van Belle, Hugo Van Beveren, Carlo van Her, Georges van Nuffel, Charles Van Roose, Georges Vanzevenberghen, Theodoor-Joseph Verschaeren, Fride Vidar, Pierre Villain, Léon Voguet, Maurice Wagemans, Charles Watelet, Gerda Wegener, Muriel Wilson, Guy Brown Wiser, Edward Withers, Henri Achille Zo