FRANCE, C.1937

32 X 24 INCHES


Henry Mirande


Henry Mirande was born in 1877 in Nice. He was a painter, humorist artist, and illustrator. Mirande lived and worked in Montmartre. He was poor and refused to show his work. He collaborated on numerous publications, including: Le Rire, Fantasio and special editions of L’Assiette au Beurre ( No. 69, Gosses and no. 91, Noel). He illustrated Pierre Mac Orlan’s Chroniques des Jours Désespérés (Chronicles of Hopeless Days), and François Mauriac’s Le Baiser au Lépreux (The Kiss of the Lepers).

Mirande’s drawings display an original expression that is violent and nervous. In Montmartre, Mirande frequented le Café Bouscarat in the beginning of the century; he lived at 73, Rue Caulaincourt. Toward 1918-1919, he worked on a series of dry point etchings to illustrate “Une Chiquette de Montmartre,” published by Eugene Delatre for the library files of “Carnet.” An exhibition of his work was mounted in Paris in 1954 and posthumously in Brussels in 1957. Mirande died in Paris in 1955. One year after his death, Robert Rey organized Mirande’s first proper show. Le Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris acquired five of his paintings.

Mirande is listed in the Benezit Dictionary of artists.